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Sometimes the ideal treatment for you may not be available on NHS Dental plans. In these situations, we will discuss alternative treatments with you. Our dentists are happy to advise you on our full range of private dental treatments - contact us today

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments for you to choose from. Call us now:

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We offer teeth whitening to help you combat discolouration from everyday substances like tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco. We can also provide veneers to improve the appearance, shape and alignment of crooked or damaged teeth.

Whitening and veneers

If you require a treatment that we cannot directly provide, we'll be happy to refer you elsewhere to ensure you get the treatment you need. Our services cover a number of options, and we also offer NHS Dental as well as the services of a Dental Hygienist. Give us a call today to discuss your dental needs.

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Cosmetic treatments are not covered by the NHS and must be carried out privately. If you have a cosmetic dental concern, no matter how trivial, please do not hesitate to discuss it.

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We offer a full range of private treatments

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